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"Beyond Hard to Get"

ALLOCATEDRUG_LC9SSome models are just really hard to get. They get marked ALLOCATED.

Distributors assign the availability status to Allocated when a gun/ammo is so Hard to Get it can be used to influence additional sales for the distributor's sales reps.

Here is how Allocation works and what you need to know if you wish to purchase an Allocated product:

Understand that the gun is in high demand and supply is limited. Each distributor has many sales reps, and each sales rep has many dealer clients.

Assume a distributor receives 100 Ruger Precision Rifles, and that distributor has 20 sales reps. Each rep may be assigned 5 guns. That rep can then do whatever they think will most benefit them. The most typical scenario is to Rolodex the biggest client and offer them a gun, but with the added hitch of having to place another order for items that the distributor needs to move.

Read more about backorders to learn how and why they are different than most of our competitors deals.

We cannot promise when your Allocated gun will arrive.

We can promise that your backorder will be fulfilled based upon your backorder position (first-come-first-served) like normal backorders, no matter the special status.

As long as the manufacturers continue to produce these guns, your gun will be shipped according to your position.

Unless you have friends in high places, finding an Allocated gun for $10 over wholesale is impossible unless you're a member of our club.

Terms & Conditions: It is impossible to know how other distributors work with their dealers. The above is only applicable for our situation and it could change without notice. What will not change: 1) The price you pay.  2)The Shipping Costs you paid.

Normally, a dealer cannot place backorders for Allocated guns. However, due to our club status, any order placed by us and accepted will receive a backorder status from our distributor. We supply you with a Position number. That number is based upon a first come/first served basis. We do not predict future deliveries, nor do we provide information about any backorder list or historical sales information. We do not know about other dealers orders or how many guns a manufacturer plans to build. Our only commitment is to deliver your gun when it becomes available to our club. You may sell your position number to another member if you choose, for an administrative fee of $10. Yes, we have delivered Allocated Guns, and yes you can receive a credit if, in the future, the manufacturer stops making this model of gun without a reasonable replacement. The club reserves the right to cancel any order at any time, for any reason, and credit the member's account. Membership is only required to be active on the date of order. Shipping is pre-paid as a fixed fee of $29.99.


List of Existing Backorders